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Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices

Court security personnel will screen all electronic devices and cameras before permitting them to be brought into the courthouse or into any facility or portion of any facility in which a judicial proceeding is held. The purpose of this screening is to make sure that the items do not contain weapons, dangerous devices or materials, or contraband.  Court security personnel may bar from the courthouse, or from portions of a building in which judicial proceedings are held, any item that appears to pose a threat to security or safety.

Electronic devices may be brought into the courthouse by ATTORNEYS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS ONLY and may be used in a non-disruptive manner in the common areas of the building.


Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 53 PROHIBITS "the taking of photographs in the courtroom during judicial proceedings or the broadcasting of judicial proceedings from the courtroom."  Photographs may NOT be taken and images MAY NOT be captured or transmitted by any means in the courthouse or in the courthouse portions of the building, except as permitted by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and by the Court's Local Rules of Practice. This prohibition does not apply to sketch artists.


In response to a violation of any provision of this policy, court security personnel may order immediate compliance, direct the offender to leave the courtroom or the building, temporarily confiscate the device(s) used in violation of these rules, and/or report the violation to a judge of this Court.

See General Order 11-0010 for more details.