General Order 18-0023

Submitted by DCGadmin on Thu, 2018-12-20 16:50
The District Court ofGuam hereby adopts the Ninth Circuit Model Employment Dispute Resolution Policyand Commitmentto a Fair and Respectful Workplace with minor revisions pursuant to the authority granted by the Judicial Conference ofthe United States and the Judicial Council ofthe Ninth Circuit. Acopyof the EDR Policy is attached hereto and shall be filed with the Judicial Conference of the United States and the Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit.

General Order 18-0022

Submitted by DCGadmin on Mon, 2018-11-19 17:04
Pursuant 28 U.S.C. § 2071, and after appropriate public notice and an opportunity for comment, the District Court of Guam hereby adopts the attached updated General Local Rules of Practice and Administrative Procedures for Filing, Signing, Verification and Service of Documents by Electronic Means in Civil, Criminal, and Bankruptcy Cases, effective December 1, 2018.

SO ORDERED this 19th day of November, 2018.

  /s/  Frances Tydingco-Gatewood
 Chief District Judge

General Order 18-0020

Submitted by DCGadmin on Wed, 2018-10-24 11:04
In anticipation of Guam’s placement in Condition of Readiness 2 due to Typhoon Yutu, the District Court of Guam will be closed for business commencing at 12:00 noon Wednesday, October 24, 2018 until further notice.  All hearings, jury trials, and jury selection proceedings are postponed until further notice. 

Any court filings due while the court is closed, shall be deemed timely filed if filed when the court opens for regular business.  Additionally, immediate assistance with court emergencies is available with Charles B. White at 988-9031.  

Memorandum of Circumstances and Authorities Relating to Abnormal Socio-Economic Influences in the Territory of Guam from the Treaty of Paris (1898) through August 23, 1963

This document is provided to the public as a document of general historical interest to the people of Guam and others.  It was filed on August 12, 1981 by Mr. John A. Bohn in the civil case 77-cv-00072 "In the matter of land cases filed under the provisions of the Omnibus Territories Act of 1977."

Click the link below to view and download the document in PDF.