Proposed Amendment to Local Rules. ACTION REQUESTED BY COB March 18, 2022

Posting Date: 
Friday, March 4, 2022
Pursuant to 28 USC 2071, the District Court of Guam proposes a change to its local rules of practice for comment by the public and by the bar of the court.

Comments from the public and bar pursuant to 28 USC 2071 are requested by March 18, 2022 and may be sent electronically to  

The proposed modifications to Local Rule GNLR 15.1 (see link below) are intended to accommodate the court's involvement in the 2-year audio streaming pilot project of the Judicial Conference of the United States (JCUS). The most substantial proposed change is the inclusion of model language provided by the JCUS in GNRL 15.1(a)(3).

This pilot project will allow the court to live stream, but not record, the audio of certain civil and bankruptcy proceedings with the unanimous consent of the parties. The pilot program is further limited to civil proceedings that involve an issue of public interest, and proceedings are excluded from the pilot if they involve any of t he following: live witness testimony; sealed, confidential, or classified materials; or jurors or potential jurors, including voir dire and trial.

A redline version of the proposed amendment may be found here:

More information may be found here: