General Orders

Order Caption Date Issued Order
General Order 06-0017 Court Closing (October 30 2006) 10/26/2006 Details
General Order 06-0016 Interim Rules Governing Practice And Procedure In Bankruptcy Cases Effective October 1 2006 09/28/2006 Details
General Order 05-0017 Adoption Of Interim Bankruptcy Rules 10/17/2005 Details
General Order 05-0011 Local Rules Of Practice Revisions To Gr 3.1 And Lr 16.1 And Adoption Of Gr 3.2 08/01/2005 Details
General Order 05-0013 Procedures For Filing Signing Verification And Service Of Documents By Electronic Means In Civil And Criminal Cases 08/01/2005 Details
General Order 05-0012 Adoption Of New Subsections To Gr 5.1 Of The Local Rules 08/01/2005 Details
General Order 05-0001 Amended Local Rules Of Practice Gr 5.2 Memo: Notice Of Electronic Availability And The Issuance Of Go 05-0001(View Memo) 02/08/2005 Details
General Order 04-0019 In Re: Disclosure Of Sentence Recommendation 05/19/2004 Details
General Order 04-0017 Adoption Of Local Rules Of Practice: Crimr 58.1 Lr 72.1 And Lr 73.1 04/30/2004 Details
General Order 04-0016 Assignment Of Duties To Magistrate Judge 04/30/2004 Details