Civil Orders

Case Caption Date Issued Order
CV-09-00029-164 Opinion And Order Re: Motion To Dismiss Second Amended Complaint Filed By Defendant Suba 09/22/2011 Details
CV-11-00024-003 Order Re: Motion To Vacate Indictment Of Records Of Defendant Ali Partovi For False Use Of Passport 08/30/2011 Details
CV-09-00020-169 Order And Opinion Re: Motion For Summary Judgment 08/19/2011 Details
CV-02-00022-784 Order Re: Closure Of Ordot Dump And Opening Of Layon Landfill 08/17/2011 Details
CV-07-00030-214 Opinion And Order Re:motion To Dismiss For Lack Of Subjectmatter Jurisdiction 08/05/2011 Details
CV-09-00020-166 Order And Opinion Re: Defendants’ Objections To Magistrate’S Order Granting Plaintiff’S Motion To Compel And Defendants’ Motion For Reconsideration Of Chief Judge’S Order 07/27/2011 Details
CV-10-00034-021 Order And Opinion Re: Motion To Dismiss 07/13/2011 Details
CV-10-00007-025 Opinion And Order Re: Civil Rights Complaint Under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 And 1331 ‘Bivens’ Demand For Jury Trial 06/28/2011 Details
CV-02-00022-759 Order Re: Special Report 06/28/2011 Details
CV-10-00035-029 Opinion And Order Re: Defendant’S Motion To Dismiss Summons And Amended Complaint And Action Under Fed. R. Civ. P. 9 19 12(B)(1) 12(B)(2) 12(B)(6) 12(B)(7) 12(H)(3) 15(A) 17(B)(3) 19 And 41(B) 06/23/2011 Details