Memorandum of Circumstances and Authorities Relating to Abnormal Socio-Economic Influences in the Territory of Guam from the Treaty of Paris (1898) through August 23, 1963

This document is provided to the public as a document of general historical interest to the people of Guam and others.  It was filed on August 12, 1981 by Mr. John A. Bohn in the civil case 77-cv-00072 "In the matter of land cases filed under the provisions of the Omnibus Territories Act of 1977."

Click the link below to view and download the document in PDF.

2018 Court Sketch Artist Contest Winners Announced

The District Court of Guam and Guam Bar Association hosted a unique contest for aspiring court sketch artists in conjunction with 2018 Law Week.  High school students and adult members of the public registered for the contest online and sketched an aspect of any public court proceeding at the District Court of Guam from April 1, 2018, through April 27, 2018.  Registered contestants submitted their original artwork of any size to the court’s Clerk’s Office by the deadline on May 1, 2018. 

Jump for Justice Law Month Event

The JUMP FOR JUSTICE mission is to promote fun and healthy exercise that produces positive changes in the body and brain.  Jump roping targets many of the developmental skills that children need to be successful in school and in a healthy, active life, bilateral coordination, motor planning, eye-hand coordination, strength, and endurance.  By the end of the competition, students should feel healthier.