Guam High School Student Wins 3rd Place in Ninth Circuit Civics Contest!

In the future, Jin wishes to be able to better the American community through practicing law and/or becoming involved in national politics.  He enjoys a wide range of activities including badminton, chess and creative writing. He aims to attend Harvard Law School to further his interests in civics and launch himself into a career in law.

Memorandum of Circumstances and Authorities Relating to Abnormal Socio-Economic Influences in the Territory of Guam from the Treaty of Paris (1898) through August 23, 1963

This document is provided to the public as a document of general historical interest to the people of Guam and others.  It was filed on August 12, 1981 by Mr. John A. Bohn in the civil case 77-cv-00072 "In the matter of land cases filed under the provisions of the Omnibus Territories Act of 1977."

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