Proposed Amendments to Local Bankruptcy Rules - ACTION REQUESTED by November 3, 2017

Click here for proposed amendments to the local bankruptcy rules, intended to be consistent with changes in the federal rules effective December 1, 2017, and in conjunction with a new form plan for Chapter 13.  The proposed amendments include changes to BKLR 1006-1, 3007-1, 3015-1 (and new official Chapter 13 Plan form), and 3015-2.  The most significant proposed change is the adoption of a standard local Chapter 13 plan form that conforms to the new national Chapter 13 plan form.

14th Amendment Conversatorio Online!

The theme of this event and of Law Week this year was, “The Fourteenth Amendment: Transforming American Democracy.”

The panel, moderated by Attorney Minakshi Hemlani, consisted of attorney and former Guam Senator Robert Klitzkie, Attorney Ignacio Aguigui, and former Congressman and current President of the University of Guam, Dr. Robert Underwood. [click here to read their short biographies]

CJA Panel Compensation Rate Increases

CJA Panel Attorney Hourly Rates Increases
The new panel attorney hourly rates of $132 for non-capital representations and $185 for capital representations apply to services performed on or after May 5, 2017. Where the appointment of counsel occurred before May 5, 2017, the new hourly compensation rates apply to that portion of services provided on or after the effective date.

CJA Panel Attorney Case Compensation Maximums