CJA Panel Compensation Rate Increases

CJA Panel Attorney Hourly Rates Increases
The new panel attorney hourly rates of $132 for non-capital representations and $185 for capital representations apply to services performed on or after May 5, 2017. Where the appointment of counsel occurred before May 5, 2017, the new hourly compensation rates apply to that portion of services provided on or after the effective date.

CJA Panel Attorney Case Compensation Maximums

Proposed amendments to the Federal Rules regarding mandatory electronic filing

"Electronic filing has matured. Most districts have adopted local rules that require electronic filing, and allow reasonable exceptions as required by the former rule. The time has come to seize the advantages of electronic filing by making it mandatory in all districts, except for filings made by an individual not represented by an attorney. But exceptions continue to be available. Paper filing must be allowed for good cause. And a local rule may allow or require paper filing for other reasons."