2019 Drawing Contest WINNERS for Constitution Day & Citizenship Day

Posting Date: 
Friday, October 4, 2019
All students in elementary, middle and high school were eligible to participate in the 2019 Constitution Day & Citizenship Day Drawing Contest. The drawing contest theme was:  The Constitution.  Articles One (I) through Seven (VII); The Bill of Rights (Amendments One (I) through Ten (X)); and/or Other Amendments (Eleven (XI) through Twenty-Seven (XXVII). Judges for the contest included:  Guam Bar Association, and professional local artists:  Mr. Ronald “Ron” J. Castro, an artist known for his graphic design talents as well as his altruistic endeavors assisting several non-profit and volunteer organizations for civic causes; and Mrs. Taliea Guerrero-Strohmeyer, owner of Color Guam Studio with over 25 years of experience in painting and holds a degree in graphic design and painting. The judging criteria consisted of: 40 points for sticking to the THEME; 30 possible points for REFLECTION & MEANING OF DRAWING; 20 possible points for CREATIVITY; and 10 possible points for ORIGINALITY. 

Here are the winners for each category: