General Orders

Order Caption Date Issued Order
General Order 10-0007 General Order 10-0007 Court Closing 06/15/2010 Details
General Order 10-0006 In Re: Adoption Of Local Rules Of Practice: Lbr 1007-3 05/04/2010 Details
General Order 10-0004A In Re: Local Rules Of Practice Amendment To Gr 17.1 03/18/2010 Details
General Order 10-0004 Order Granting Application Of Ann Lawton For Exemption From The Electronic Public Access Fee Schedule Adopted By The Judicial Conference Of The United States Courts 03/10/2010 Details
General Order 10-0001 In Re: Local Rules Of Practice Amendment To Gr 17.1 02/09/2010 Details
General Order 09-0017 In Re: Standing Committee On Discipline 12/28/2009 Details
General Order 09-0015 In Re: Standing Committee For The Criminal Justice Act Plan 12/03/2009 Details
General Order 09-0014 In Re: Local Rules Of Practice Amendments To Conform To Time Computations 12/01/2009 Details
General Order 09-0013 In Re: Court Closing (November 13 2009) 11/09/2009 Details
General Order 09-0012 In Re: Local Rules Of Practice Revision To Gr 7.1 (Mandating Electronic Filing For Pleadings Filed Outside Of Regular Hours) 11/05/2009 Details