General Orders

Order Caption Date Issued Order
General Order 15-0006 In Re: Jury Selection And Service Act Of 1968 Public Law 90-274 As Amended. Emptying And Refilling Of Master Jury Wheel And Establishing A Qualified Jury Wheel For Grand And Petit Jurors. 05/22/2015 Details
General Order 15-0005 In Re: Court Closing (June 12 2015 From 12:00 Pm - 5:00 Pm 05/21/2015 Details
General Order 15-0004 In Re: Criminal Trial Documents 04/09/2015 Details
General Order 15-0003 In Re: Adoption Of Updated Local Rules Of Criminal Practice 02/20/2015 Details
General Order 15-0002 In Re: Protocol For Requests For Discretionary Sentence Reductions Based On Guideline Amendment 782 02/05/2015 Details
General Order 15-0001 In Re: Adoption Of Local Rules Of Civil Practice And Local Rules Of Tax Practice 01/23/2015 Details
General Order 14-0011 In Re: Court Closing 12/08/2014 Details
General Order 14-0010 In Re: Policy To Refund Electronic Payments 12/02/2014 Details
General Order 14-0007 In Re: Court Closing 09/03/2014 Details
Genderal Order 14-0006 In Re: Court Closing 08/22/2014 Details