General Orders

Order Caption Date Issued Order
General Order 18-0022 In Re: Adoption of Updated General Local Rules of Practice and Administrative Procedures for Filing, Signing, Verification and Service of Documents by Electronic Means in Civil, Criminal, and Bankruptcy Cases. 11/19/2018 Details
General Order 18-0021 Re:  Jury Selection and Service Act of 1968, as amended.  (Drawing from the Master Jury Wheel and Supplementing the Qualified Jury Wheel.) 11/01/2018 Details
General Order 18-0020 In re: Court Closing
10/24/2018 Details
General Order 18-0019 In Re:  Application for Exemption from the Electronic Public Access Fees by Sudha Mani 09/28/2018 Details
General Order 18-0018 In Re: Court Closure 09/09/2018 Details
General Order 18-0017 In re:  Court Closure 08/02/2018 Details
General Order 18-0013 In Re:  Application of Yanbai Andrea Wang, Fellow and Lecturer in Law at Stanford University 05/15/2018 Details
General Order 18-0012 In Re: Court Closure 05/14/2018 Details
General Order 18-0011 In the matter of the appointment of Shawn M. Anderson as United States Attorney 05/04/2018 Details
Order IN THE MATTER OF JURY SELECTION AND SERVICE ACT OF 1968, (Selecting a Grand Jury Pool for a Term of One Year to Commence May 9, 2018.) (Pool No. 17-G1) 04/24/2018 Details