Criminal Orders

Case Caption Date Issued Order
CR-11-00082-174 Order Re Motion To Suppress Oral Statements Made By Defendant On December 14 2010 December 17 2010 And December 13 2011 07/17/2012 Details
CR-11-00051-055 Order Re Report And Recommendation 03/07/2012 Details
CR-11-00051-54 Report & Recommendation 02/17/2012 Details
CR-08-00043-063 Opinion And Order Re: 28 U.S.C. § 2255 Motion 01/11/2012 Details
CR-10-00055-170 Opinion And Order Re: Motion For Judgment Of Acquittal 10/24/2011 Details
CR-10-00028-166 Order And Opinion Re: Motion To Dismiss 10/14/2011 Details
CR-08-00043-58 Order 08/16/2011 Details
CR-96-00029-75 Order 08/16/2011 Details
CR-09-00017-025 Opinion And Order Re: Motion To Dismiss Indictment For Violation Of Defendant’S Speedy Trial Rights Under The Interstate Agreement On Detainers 08/05/2011 Details
CR-10-00038-105 Order And Opinion Re: Appeal 06/24/2011 Details