Civil Orders

Case Caption Date Issued Order
CV-09-00023-755 (NMI Case) Order Re Joint Motion To Confirm The Nmi Settlement Fund’S Status As A Tax Exempt Entity 03/09/2016 Details
CV-15-00012-16 Order 03/08/2016 Details
CV-15-00017-23 Order Granting In Part Defendant’S Motion For Summary Judgment 03/01/2016 Details
CV-15-00012-14 Report And Recommendation 02/12/2016 Details
CV-02-00022-1653 Order Re Motion To Reconsider 01/22/2016 Details
CV-02-00022-1635 Order Re October 2015 Status Hearing And Presentation Of Receiver’S Report 10/26/2015 Details
CV-15-00009-39 Order And Opinion Re: Motion For Summary Judgment 06/08/2015 Details
CV-91-00020-305 Order 01/16/2015 Details
CV-14-00015-006 Order 10/20/2014 Details
CV-12-00007-35 Order & Opinion Re: Plaintiff’S Motion For Summary Judgment & Defendant’S Cross-Motion For Summary Judgment 03/21/2014 Details