Civil Orders

Case Caption Date Issued Order
CV-09-00012-155 Order 12/10/2010 Details
CV-10-00013-15 Opinion And Order Re: Motion To Dismiss 12/09/2010 Details
CV-91-00020-208 Order 12/02/2010 Details
CV-02-00035-136 Cv-02-00035-136 Order Re: Status Hearing 11/18/2010 Details
CV-08-00020-050 Order Re:motion For Summary Judgment 10/28/2010 Details
CV-10-00025-019 Order Granting United States Declaratory And Permanent Injunctive Relief 10/13/2010 Details
CV-02-00035-130 Order Re: Status Hearing And Request For Status Hearing 10/13/2010 Details
CV-09-00031-004 Opinion And Order Re: Petition For 28 Usc 2241 Pursuant To Habeas Corpus Statutes 2241 - 2255 09/16/2010 Details
CV-08-00018-004 Opinion And Order Re:motion Pursuant To 28 U.S.C. § 2255 09/14/2010 Details
CV-10-00020-006 Order Re: Application To Proceed Without Prepayment Of Fees Motion For Service Of Process By United States Marshal And Motion For Appointment Of Counsel 09/14/2010 Details