Compensation for Court Appointed CJA Panel Attorneys Increased

CJA Panel Attorney Hourly Rate Increases

The panel attorney hourly rates increase to $152 (up from $148) for non-capital work and to $195 (up from $190) for capital work. The new rates apply to services performed on or after January 1, 2020. Where appointment of counsel occurred before January 1, 2020, the new hourly compensation rates apply to that portion of services provided on or after the effective date.

CJA Panel Attorney Case Compensation Maximums (in Non-Capital Cases)

Proposed Amendment to Local Rules - Comments Requested by July 12, 2019.

After reviewing the court's local rules for consistency with the current federal rules, the court has determined that local civil rule CVLR 77 requires modification.  The federal rules now consider registration for electronic filing as constituting consent to service by electronic means using the transmission facilities of the court and a party may consent to electronic service by other means.  In addition, the court has retitled its administrative procedures for electronic filing, and intends to modify local criminal rule CRLR 49 to reflect this change.